Fringe Flower Company is a retail shop and florist based in the San Francisco

Bay Area. We specialize in:

  •  daily flower deliveries and pickups

  •  custom subscriptions

  •  workshops & private parties

  •  weddings & celebrations

  •  corporate events

  •  unique botanical treasures & gifts

  •  unexpected potted plants

  •  featured work by local artisans


At Fringe, we have a deep appreciation for nature and its seasons, and this is prevalent in everything we do.


Choosing colors and textures carefully

to compliment the season and our surroundings, we use beautiful, locally sourced blooms, and pair them with untamed foraged elements. Our designs have a natural and effortless style, reflecting how flowers actually grow

in nature.

This means no two bouquets are

alike. Because we choose flowers and foliage by the season, our product is 

unpredictable. Thus, we cannot copy 

photos exactly or work with design 

recipes. However, we can accommodate color and style requests, as well as work around a favorite flower by request.

Succ garden in Campo.jpg