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DELIVERIES:  Our minimum for all deliveries includes any $65 item plus tax and a delivery fee.  To place an order for delivery, please visit our shop page and choose "DELIVERY" at checkout. Local delivery fee is $15 but may increase based on mileage. The delivery fee will be calculated at time of checkout.

PICKUPS:  Pickups at our shop include all that we offer, including items under $65. Pickup times start at 11:30am, unless otherwise scheduled. To place an order for pickup, please visit our shop page and choose "PICKUP" at checkout, then choose your delivery time.

We offer:

VASE BOUQUETS: Designed in a low and lush, natural and unstructured design style, using flowers and foliage that spill out and over the vase. If you would like a tall bouquet, please call us and we will quote accordingly. We generally design in a glass vase, but also use other vessels, including repurposed/vintage jars, rustic/textural boxes, and classic concrete pots. If you desire a vase other than clear glass, please call us so that we may discuss further with you to accommodate your request. You can check out our design gallery for samples of our work.

HAND-TIED BOUQUETS: Designed in a gardeny, unstructured style with fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced flowers. They are presented in our signature wrap with kraft, and black and white striped paper. The stems are exposed and they are tied with our signature fabric, striped ribbon or rustic twine. The minimum for a hand-tied is $45, and we will design to any budget upwards of that as well. Because hand-tieds are out of water, we also offer mason jars to take away with your hand-tied for a small charge.

POTTED PLANTS: We offer unexpected and desirable indoor and outdoor plants for the home.

SUCCULENT GARDENS: We custom design colorful succulent gardens in various vessels and sizes.

ORCHID PLANTS: We offer beautiful orchid plants in various colors with various spikes, staked with natural branches and twine. They are presented in simple but elegant pots and topped with moss to finish.

FRENCH TULIP BUCKETS: Colorful fancy tulips (fringed, or parrot, or double, or...)

are placed in a rustic, galvanized, french flower bucket along with greens or other accompanying flowers. The bucket is tied with our signature black and white fabric ribbon. Once the tulips have expired, the bucket can be used over and over again.

WREATHS: Fresh and dried wreaths are custom made by special order. Simple with fresh greens to dried elements tied with vintage ribbon, we can accommodate any request.

GARLANDS: Made to any size with fresh greens, flowers, fruit – you name it. Garlands are custom orders and priced by foot.

CANDLES: We carry hand-poured soy candles from P. F. Candle Company in various scents and sizes. They can be picked up in store, or included as an add-on to any order.



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Due to design and delivery route schedules, we are unable to accommodate requests for photos

of bouquets.

When delivering to a hospital or nursing home, please make sure your recipient is able to accept flowers. If we deliver and they are unable to accept the flowers, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.


With any delivery, please make sure that you have provided your recipient’s proper address and that you have confirmed that your recipient is not out of town. If the address you have provided is incorrect or your recipient is out of town, we cannot provide a refund. If we have to redirect your order to another address, an additional delivery fee will be charged.


If you have placed your order via our contact page, your order is not confirmed until you receive a reply email back from us confirming that we have received your order. If you do not hear from us within 2 hours, please call us to make sure your order came through.


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Ask us about custom subscriptions and gift certificates!

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