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Contact us by phone or email for information and pricing options.

Floral subscriptions are designed so you can spoil yourself and so you'll never forget a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other important date. With a regular subscription, you'll treat yourself or a loved one to a dependable delivery or pickup of fresh flowers, featuring seasonal blooms and foliage.

Decorate your home, send flowers to your loved one's office to brighten their day, or secure important dates throughout the year so you'll never forget and end up in the doghouse.

Floral subscriptions are completely customizable. Schedule them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly...or choose special dates/holidays and create your very own customized delivery schedule.

Available for pickup or delivery. Call our shop at 925.278.2697 to set up your schedule. You can pay as you go, or prepay and receive a discount on your subscription.


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